Materials About Islam

  • Books & Articles:
    • The Cambridge Companion to the Qur’an By Jane Dammen McAuliffe. (Book link)
    • The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad By Lesley Hazleton. (Book link)
    • The Prophecies of Muhammad By Moustafa Zayed. (Book link)
    • Dr. Jerald Dirks’s Books (Book link)
    • Islam: Silencing the Critics (Second Edition) By Zia U. Sheikh. (Book link)
    • The Bible led me to Islam By M.J.LeBianc. (PDF file)
    • What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam: Second Edition By John L. Esposito (Book link)
    • Religion on The Rise: Islam in the Third Millennium By Murad Wilfried Hofmann (Book link)
    • Problems Muslims Face in Today’s World : Their Causes and Solutions Based on the Authentic Sunnah and the Way of our Predecessors By Abu Jade Isa Michael Tofte (Book link)
    • Faith And Progress by Jamal Harwood (Article link)
    • Islam in the Eyes of an Artist by Ezzat | Abouleish (Book link)
    • Respecting Diversity: Different Interpretations of Islam (Article link)
    • Islam for Journalists (PDF file)
    • Animals in the Qur’an (Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization) By Sarra Tlili (Book Link)
    • more to come …
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